All about TE

Struggling with TE? Let's find out how to use this word!

LESSONS: 6 | PRICE: 11.9

Struggling with TE?

In this course, we'll cover all there is to say about this little word. You will understand why and when to use it and of course we will also pay attention to te's sibling: om.

What will you get?

  • 3 video lessons on te + test yourself (the three most important reasons to use te)
  • 3 extra lessons about other reasons to use te
  • a list of auxiliary verbs that are combined with te
  • The PDF about te from our shop including exercises and answers

This course is interesting for you if:

  • you don't know when to use te
  • are not sure when to use om
  • you want to learn to speak and write more naturally.
  • you already have a basic knowledge of Dutch (at least +/- A2). It is important to have a basic vocabulary before starting this course.
  • you speak English. The course is given in English, the examples and the quizes are in Dutch.


This course is not aimed at students with a specific language level. All reasons to use te are discuss. This means that this course is interesting for both A2 students and B1/B2 students. Content of the course
  • Te for action and goals (including video + quiz))
  • Te with adjectives (including video + quiz)
  • Te with certain auxiliary verbs (including video + quiz)
  • Te + adjective + om + te (quiz)
  • Te for possibilities (quiz)
  • Words that trigger a non-finite clause (quiz)

Planning for an exam?

Are you planning to take the integration exam (inburgeringsexamen)? Then the first three lessons of this course will certainly come in handy.
For students who would like to take the NT2 exam at B1 or B2 level, this course is a perfect way to really get a grip on te.