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Boost your progress with a weekly compilation of video lessons, podcast episodes, dutch grammar, stories, exercise pdfs and much more.

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Individual Online Dutch Lessons via Skype.

Tailormade individual lessons, by an experienced professional Dutch Teacher.

My name is Ida Mathilde and I am a professional and certified Dutch teacher. I have given over 2000 lessons online.

Student reviews

Review by:
Sven Krause

Conversatiecursus A2

De A2 cursus met Ida was fantastisch en bracht me verder na een jaar van pure theorie. De groep was helemaal super en internationaal. Ik kan deze cursus zonder voorbehoud aanbevelen. Ik wens Ida voortdurende succes en al het beste.

Review by:
I. Miethe

Conversatiecursus B1

De cursus is geweldig om Nederlands te oefenen. Je krijgt zelfvertrouwen en zelfverzekerdheid. 19:30 is een perfecte tijd!

Review by:

Share Your Story

Tijdens deze cursus had ik een uniek kans om spreken en schrijven in Nederlands te oefenen. Omdat er geen specifiek structuur is, kon ik mijn eigen creativiteit de vrije loop laten. Ik vond ook heel interessant presentaties van andere mensen te horen.

Review by:
Laith S

Conversation course A2

I love the different themes and the follow-up questions. Other student's answers gave me a different perspective of the world. Hence; I learned not only some Dutch but also about other countries & cultures; which is fun!

Review by:

Share your story

Ik vond de cursus "Share your Story" geweldig. Het heeft me geholpen mijn uitspraak, vloeiendheid en woordenschat te verbeteren. Ook het luisteren naar de presentaties van de andere deelnemers was erg goed voor mijn auditief begrip. Alle deelnemers waren aardig en de feedback van Ida in de chat was erg nuttig.

Review by:

Grammar Boost B1

I really loved this course! I had not been in a group class before and I was surprised by how well you kept everyone engaged, and how much fun it was. The lessons were very well organized and the pace was perfect for me. I liked the way you had us interacting with each other so there was a conversational element, which gave me more confidence in my listening and speaking abilities.

Review by:
Carmen Bulz

Structured course A2

If you want to improve your Dutch, if you want to have fun learning Dutch, then I really recommend conversation course A2. The topics are interesting, and these conversations are a great way to break the ice! It's the perfect opportunity to express yourself, learn new things, all under the guidance of Ida, who patiently and tactfully helps you navigate this journey.

Review by:

Structured course A1/A2

Ida is een geweldige docent, ik heb veel geleerd en ik ben blij dat ik aan de cursus heb deelgenomen.

Review by:
Ranbir Sinha

Conversation course A2

Ik vond de cursus "conversation course A2" prima. Het thema gebruikt een goed vocabulaire, waarvan ik veel heb geleerd. De grammaticatips hebben me geholpen om mijn Nederlands te verbeteren. Ik raad deze cursus aan aan mensen die hun spreekvaardigheid willen verbeteren.

Review by:
Philip Robinson

Structured course A1/A2

The twelve-week course was extremely helpful. Ida creates an encouraging atmosphere and is a patient teacher. The lessons had a balance between grammar from the text book and free conversation and by the end of the course we were able to be more spontaneous with this. I now feel much more confident about speaking in Dutch and may well go back to The Dutch Online Academy for more tuition in the future.'

We are not able to onboard new students at the moment. Please leave your informationin the contact form belowand we will be back to you as soon as possible.

If you are a current student, just write to your teacher and you will receive a link to proceed as usual

Private one hour lessons

With homework & feedback

The lessons will give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses and boost your learning process. It is recommended to book multiple lessons, so I will get to know your learning style, level and goals better.

Each lesson includes:

  • Private 55 mins online lesson
  • Individual & relevant homework
  • Homework corrections and progress feedback
  • Tailormade exercises and practice documents
  • Comfortable per lesson calendar scheduling
  • Available on weekdays and weekends (evenings included)
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5 Package price195€39€/lessonContact formSave 27€

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I pay by transfer?

    We now do accept transfers as a payment method. Just send us an email to info@thedutchonlineacademy.com" and we will send you the booking links and give you more details!
  • How does the onboarding lesson work?

    You will have a level overview and some practice and homework. During the trial lessons we can get to know each other and set learning goals together. I can get an impression of your level and needs and I will share my thoughts with you. After the lesson you will get a homework assignment that I will correct for you.
  • Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

    I am a Dutch teacher, living in Spain. I used to teach Dutch at a school in the Netherland (near Nijmegen), but I moved to Spain in 2017, which made me explore the possibilities to teach Dutch online. I also taught Dutch at a language institute. I am still learning Spanish myself and I know the process is long and difficult at times, but I enjoy the little moments of success. The feeling that conversations get more and more natural is really rewarding. In my free time I enjoy running, reading, spending time with family and friends and cooking (+ eating ;)).
  • How are the lessons structured?

    During our first lesson I can get an idea of your level and your needs. I have a wide range of topics, speaking exercises and articles we can use. Of course I will give you feedback on your pronounciaton, use of grammar and vocabulary. If you have a specific topic you would like to work on, you can either bring it to class or let me know in advance via e-mail. Bare in mind that I will have to get to know your level and needs a little bit to help you best, I therefor strongely recommend multiple lessons. I will always share with you what I have in mind for the homework and our next lesson.
  • I don't know what I need to work on. Is that a problem?

    Absolutely not. I will quickly get an idea of your needs and will share my opinion with you.
  • I want to combine our lessons with self study, is that possible?

    I will diagnose your strengths and opportunities to develop your Dutch further. You will receive homework (normally using Google Docs). This is usually a mix of writing, reading, grammar and listening exercises but it largely depends on your needs and goals. I will correct the homework for you and we can discuss it during our next lesson if necessary
  • How do we talk?

    Via Skype or Zoom.
  • Will there be room for informal conversation during our lesson?

    Yes. Informal conversation is important, since it reflects conversations you could have outside the lessons. Moreover, it is a way to get to know your learning style and interests. I will motivate you to expand your vocabulary and grammar, by also adding more structured speaking exercises to our lessons.
  • How do you tailor the lessons to my needs?

    By listening to how you like to learn, what your learning history is and what your interests are. I will quickly get an image of your level during a first lesson and always share my thoughts and ideas with you. I believe you as a student are the owner of your learning process, The Dutch Online Academy should motivate and guide you, giving you the right tools to get where you want to be.
  • I would like to work with a book. Is that possible?

    Yes, during our first lesson we can discuss which book you would like to use. I can also give you advice if you do not know which books are suitable for you.
  • I would like to prepare for an exam. Is that possible?

    Yes. I have experience preparing students for het inburgeringsexamen and het staatsexamen NT2.

So... Do you want to start with your Dutch lessons?

Do you have any question or want to know more?

Feel free to contact me, I try to respond in less than 24 hours.