Word order in Dutch

The Dutch sentence structure is explained in English, examples in Dutch, as you are used from us.

LESSONS: 13 | PRICE: 29.5
Boost your Dutch and feel comfortable writing and speaking! 
Are you sometimes wondering where verbs must go? Do you feel insecure about word order? Are you using short sentences, while you wish you would be able to make much longer, elevated sentences? You are not alone. Many students struggle with Dutch word order and it may sound unbelievable, but there is clear logic behind it. 
In this course you will get all the information you need to tackle word order. This course is interesting for A1 until B1+ students and will guide you through word order while you keep working on your vocabulary and other aspects of grammar.
In this course: 
  • 13 videos in English with Dutch examples.
  • Online exercises + answers with every video lesson.
  • 3 exercise PDFs from our shop
Content of the course
  • Sentences with just one verb
  • Sentences with two verbs
  • Asking questions
  • Imperative
  • Conjunctions (+ exercise PDF)
  • Indirect speech 
  • The relative clause (+ exercise PDF)
  • Word order of adverbs (+ exercise PDF)
  • Separable verbs in different types of sentence