Top 10 nouns in Dutch (most used)

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Here is a list of the 10 most common nouns in Dutch

Do you know them all? Probably you do. These words you'll learn on the street or in Dutch exercises and most don't even need translation.

1. Beetje (a little)

Of course, een beetje! You here it so often. Ik ben een beetje boos. Ik heb een beetje trek. Ik ga dit weekend een beetje sporten. Often een beetje doesn't even mean een beetje and the word is being thrown into sentences randomly. If someone says Ik ben een beetje boos chances are that they are very angry.

2. Mensen (people)

People are people and they talk about people. What more can we say?

3. Jaar (year)

We talk about life and life consists of time. Logical that jaar is not the only time word in this list. Let's go straight to number 4 and 5.

4. Tijd (time)

No doubt you learn this word pretty quickly when you are trying to have a drink with the Dutch. "Wanneer heb je tijd?" and "Vandaag heb ik geen tijd" are very common sentences.

5. Dag (day)

It means day but you can also use it instead of doei!

6. Dingen (things)

Now this is a handy word to know! Don't know a noun? Just use "ding" or "dingen" and you'll probably be fine. The Dutch do it all the time too. You could even use "dinges" when you've forgotten someone's name (don't use it while talking to that person though, they might not like that!)

7. man (man)

Man, it is used often in informal conversation. Maak je geen zorgen, man (don't worry, dude) or hey man, hoe gaat het? (hey dude, what's up?) are examples and could also be used for a woman.

8. moment (moment)

Een momentje, alsjeblieft. You'll learn this sentence soon enough when you are living in The Netherlands.

9. kinderen (children)

Kinderen is plural for kind. It is one of these words with a different plural, like blad - bladeren (leaves) and ei - eieren (eggs)

10. hand (hand)

Een hand is a hand, but it's more than just that. The word hand is used in many expressions like er is niks aan de hand (there is nothing going on) and iets bij de hand hebben (have something close at hand).
Well, that's the list of the top 10 nouns in Dutch! But don't be fooled, none of these are in the general top 10 words in Dutch. Verbs, pronouns and preposition are used way more often!

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