Reflexive pronouns in Dutch

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There are certain Dutch words that are reflexive.
Examples of Dutch reflexive verbs are:
  • Ik herinner me mijn kindertijd.
  • I remember my childhood.
  • Jij haast je naar je werk.
  • You hurry to your work.
  • Hij vergist zich regelmatig.
  • He is mistaken regularly.
  • Wij vervelen ons als het regent.
  • We are bored when it rains.
  • Jullie melden je aan voor de cursus (separable & reflexive).
  • You sign up for the course.
  • Zij bemoeien zich met mijn problemen.
  • We interfere with my problems.
As you can see, a reflexive verb is followed by a reflexive pronoun:
  • Ik vergis me
  • Jij vergist je
  • Hij/zij/het/u vergist zich
  • Wij vergissen ons
  • Jullie vergissen je
  • Zij vergissen zich
There are Dutch verbs that can be reflexive in certain situations (when the action is done to the subject by the subject itself) and in other situations not.
  • Ik was me.
  • I wash myself.
  • Ik was mijn kleding.
  • I wash my clothes.

Practice with exercises

Read the sentences and fill in the missing reflexive pronoun.

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