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Do you want to know how to form a question in Dutch? You have a few options!


Learn the theory

Forming questions in Dutch: 3 ways

1. Start with the verb

Learn how to form questions in Dutch. It is easy, you follow the following sentence structure:
  • Verb + subject + rest + rest of verbs
  • Wil je naar mijn feestje komen?
  • Drink je koffie?
  • Heb je het koud?
  • Zijn jullie blij?
  • Is het lekker weer?
  • Hebben jullie een hond?
  • Ben je in Parijs geweest?

2. Dutch interrogatives

Of course you can also use Dutch interrogatives words to form a question in Dutch. Examples are:
  • Wie
  • Who
  • Wat
  • What
  • Waar
  • Where
  • Wanneer
  • When
  • Waarom
  • Why
  • Welke
  • Which

3. Using "toch"

In the video below you will find more information about forming questions in Dutch. You will also learn how to use a third way to form a question, using the Dutch word toch.
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Practice with exercises

You see the answer to a question. Which sentence is the question that fits the answer?

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