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Be careful with the word "best" in Dutch.

As an adjective, it means "the best", like in English
  • Ik ben de beste speler.
  • I am the best player
  • Dit is de beste film.
  • This is the best movie.
  • Welk boek vind jij het beste?
  • Which book do you think is the best?
But if you use it in front of an adjective, the meaning changes! You weaken the adjective behind it.
  • Ik ben best een goede speler.
  • I am quite a good player.
  • De film is best mooi.
  • The movie is quite beautiful.
  • Het boek is best goed.
  • The book is quite good.
Note that you could also use "beste + name" as a way to start an e-mail or letter.
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