Separable verbs in perfectum

How to split separable verbs in Dutch in perfectum? The splittable verbs in Dutch are easy, learn and practice your Dutch


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Dutch separable verbs in perfectum

If you are familiar with separable verbs in present tense and with the perfectum it's time to take a look at Dutch separable verbs in perfectum!

It's easy, you follow the rules of a not-separable verb in perfectum and you put "ge" in between. Example of a not separable verb in perfectum
  • wassen = to wash
  • Ik heb de auto gewassen.
  • I have washed the car.
Example of a separable verb in perfectum:
  • afwassen = to do the dishes
  • Ik heb de borden afgewassen.
  • I have done the dishes.
As you can see, "ge" comes in between the separable parts of the separable verb. Of course, it's still important to know whether a verb is irregular or not, because separable verbs can be irregular as well!
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Practice with exercises

Fill in the past participle of the verb between parentheses. All these verbs are separable verbs.

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