Zover / zo ver

The difference between "zo ver" and zover, is not that difficult. They are handy to know!


Learn the theory

Zover & Zo ver: how to use them

These are handy words to know. Integrate them in your daily vocabulary!

Zo ver: literal meaning (so far)

When there is distance involved, you write "zo ver" as two words.
  • Ik wil niet zo ver lopen. Zullen we met de fiets gaan?
  • I don't want to walk so far. Shall we go by bike?
  • Als je zo ver mogelijk naar het noorden rijdt, kom je in Groningen.
  • If you drive as far as possible to the north, you will arrive in Groningen.

Zo ver/Zover: When the distance is less literal, you can write "zo ver" or "zover".

  • Op welke pagina ben jij? Ah, pagina 10. Ik ben nog niet zo ver/zover.
  • What page are you at? Ah, page 10. I am not so far (there) yet.
  • Hoe heb je het zo ver/zover laten komen?
  • How did you let it get so far (how did it come to this? Why didn't you take action earlier?)

In a few fixed combinations, in which there is no thought of a distance, "zover" is one word.

  • Ben je zover? (ben je klaar?)
  • Are you ready?
  • Voor zover ik weet, eten katten geen groenten.
  • As far as I know, cats don't eat vegetables.
  • Je moet het goedmaken, voor zover dat nog mogelijk is. (in de mate dat)
  • You have to make up for it, as far as that's still possible. (to the extend that)
  • Het is weer zover! Toms fiets is gestolen, omdat hij hem weer niet op slot heeft gezet.
  • It's that time again! Tom's bike has been stolen, because he didn't lock it again.

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