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Het Nederlandse Alfabet - A2
Good for: A2Episode Number:10

Het Nederlandse Alfabet - A2

The Dutch Alphabet

Published at: Monday, March 30, 2020




A aap (monkey) appel (apple)

B bos (forest) club (club)

C citroen (lemon) cavia (guinea pig)

E even (for a short while) slecht (bad)

F fantastisch (fantastic) lief (sweet)

G goed (good) begin (start, beginning)

H hoop (hope) verhaal (story)

I inkt (ink) biet (beet)

J ja (yes) kajak (kayak)

K klopt (right, knocks) rijk (rich)

L leuk (fun, nice) belangrijk (important)

M mooi (beautiful) boom (tree)

N nee (no) trein (train)

O op (on) boos (angry)

P pap (porridge, dad) lopen (to walk)

Q quiz (quiz) aquarium (fish tank)

 R raam (window) beer (bear)

S stil (quiet) kaas (cheese)

T tip (hint, advice) katten (cats)

U uw (your, formal) bus (bus)

V vlieg (fly) boven (above)

W winter (winter) bewegen (move)

X xylofoon (xylophone) mix (mix)

Y yoghurt (yogurt) baby (baby)

Z zebra (zebra) bezig (busy)

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