Here you learn how to use MEN in Dutch. Men is a singular pronoun that can be used instead of "they" (ze). Learn Dutch Online and Dutch grammar at the Dutch Online Academy. Dutch grammar exercises and Dutch Skype lessons. Dutch online for free.


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How to use "men" in Dutch

Men (one)

You can use men (one) if the subject is not a specific person. Men is combined with a verb in he/she/het-form, because it is a singular pronoun.
  • Men kan op de website meer informatie vinden.
  • One can find more information on the website.
Men can also be used as they (ze) when it is not clear who "they" are.
  • Men wil graag dat hier meer parkeerplekken komen.
  • Ze willen graag dat hier meer parkeerplekken komen.
  • They want more parking spaces here.
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