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TE: te + adjective + om + te

How to use om te infinitive in Dutch language | Dutch grammar | How to use TE in Dutch - Learn Dutch Online for free - Dutch grammar


Learn the theory

Adjectives in combination with TE + INFINITIVE

In the video you will find more information about this topic. Other examples:

  • Ik ben nu te moe om je te helpen.

  • Wij zijn te onhandig om dit alleen te doen.

  • Zij is te oud om te werken.

  • De koffie is te koud om te drinken.

  • De soep is nog te heet om te eten.

"om" is necessary.

Do you want to know more about "te"? Check out this other article about om + te. Do you want to know more about adjectives? Here you will find out when to use mooi or mooie.